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TM Sensor Co., Ltd., and its headquarters TM Automation Instruments Co., Ltd. trademark are NS, as the leading manufacturer in Sensor Industry in Shanghai of China, established in 2002.

Specialize in the manufacture OEM Pressure Sensors, Pressure Transmitters, Pressure Switches, Load Cell & Force Sensors & Torque Sensors, Displacement & Position Sensors, Draw Wire Position Sensors, Level & Depth Sensors, Temperature Sensors, Temperature Humidity Sensors, Tilt Sensors, Pressure Gauges, Instrumentations & Other spare parts of sensors, etc.
Certified to ISO9001, CE, RoHs and IATF16949.

Since 2002, TM is always focus on leading technology measurement for force, position, pressure, and temperature.

Brand Value

Optimizing Industrial Sensor Solution
TM Sensor Co., Ltd.(Sensor BU)
TM Automation Instruments Co., Ltd.




   Add : 16F.Building 11. No.518 Xinzhuan Road, Shanghai ,China
    Phone : +86-18917346849
  Tel : +86-021-57778012
   E-mail : weiwei@tmvenus.com
   Skype : tanxi21
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