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Torque Sensor

TM is a China torque sensor manufacturer

Torque is a twisting force, generally that causes something to rotate around an axis or other point. The force that causes a wheel to rotate around an axle is an example of torque. The tendency of a force applied to an object to make it rotate about an axis.

Torque Seesaw

From torque seesaw above, you could easily learn how torque works.

Torque= D(Distance) X M(Mass), by this formula, we can figure out unknown distance above, because this seesaw is balanced, we can set both D X M equal to each other.

So 100N X ?m = 300N X 1/3m.  

Multiplying that out, you get 100N X ?M = 100N.m.  Therefore the unknown distance must equal 1 meter.

Besides, the torque on left side or right side is 100N.m.

The unit for torque is the newton meter (N.m) or foot pounds (


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