On-off Output Stainless Steel Pressure Switch
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On-off Output Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

Pressure range: 0~100MPa
On-off Output Signal
Wetted parts: SUS304 ,SUS316
Attached RoHs, CE certification
  • P61

  • NS

  • NS-P61-100MPa

Applications of the On-off Output Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

·Metallurgy industry

·Automatic control fields 

·Automatic testing system

·Test Equipment

·Pneumatic system

Introduction of the On-off Output Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

P61 pressure switch made by TM’s own sensor sensitive element. Pressure switch can be transferred liquid or gas pressure into the standard switching output signal.

Special features of the On-off Output Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

·Wetted parts apply stainless steel ensure excellent corrosion resitance

·24VDC excitation 

·two setting points of switching output

·Build-in silicon oil filling sensor core

Electric Specification:

Power supply: 24VDC

Type of switching output: PNP transistor output

Switching output current: 1.5A max.

Insulation resistance: 100MΩ, 100VDC

Overpressure: 2 times FS


Pressure Switch construction:

Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L

Housing: stainless steel 

SpecificationsTechnical data

Measuring range

0~0.8  1.0  1.6  3.0  10  20  40   50   60   80    90   100MPa
Overload pressure 200%F.S.                      150%F.S.       150%F.S.
Burst pressure 500%F.S.                      300%F.S.       200%F.S.
Operational modeGauge, Absolute
Measuring mediagas, liquid compatible with stainless steel
Output signalon/off output Max.
Operation voltage24Vdc(12~32VDC)
Load current1.5A per output 
Long-term drift(type)<±0.2(type)                                          %F.S./Year
Compenstated temperature range (type)-20~+80                                                                 ℃
Operating temperature range (type)-30~+85                                                                 ℃
Storage temperature range (type)-40~+120                                                               ℃
Fluid temperature range (type)-30~+120                                                               ℃
Insulation resistance≥100MΩ(100VDC)
Vibration resistance

IEC 60068-2-6(5...2000Hz, 20g)

Shock resistance 

IEC 60068-2-27(50g, 11ms)

EMC proofIEC 61000-6-2/3/4
Mechanical connectionG1/2 A; G1/4 A, 1/4-18NPT, M20*1.5
IP protection

IP65         IP 67

Pressure Switch dimensions:


Pressure Switch order guide:

ordering guide-p61