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Multi Axis Sensors

Multi-Axis Sensor: Measures 6 Forces and Moments with Accuracy Class 0.5 Guaranteed for Each Channel
Accuracy class: up to 0.5
Degree of protection: up to IP67
Measuring range: axes F(x, y) 1~10KN, axes F(z) 5~20KN
  • NS-NJ6
  • NS

Multi Axis Sensors

Up to six forces and torques on three axes (x, y, z) can be measured in combination with the NS-NJ6 multi-axis sensor. This means that the NJ6 is ideally suited for mechanical engineering usage, in test benches, and also in research and development. It returns a three-dimensional image of the measurement set-up with a maximum precision up to accuracy class 0.5. 

Individual signal channels of common multi-axis sensors often mutually affect each other. The NJ6 reduces this type of interference, known as crosstalk, to a minimum to ensure a problem-free signal. TM also offers an individual compensation matrix for the NJ6, which can be used to further improve the precision, combined with an TM Sensor's measuring amplifier.

Performance Features:

- Compact multicomponent sensor

- Different nominal(rated) measuring ranges

- Up to 6 components; each in every direction: tension & compression, clockwise & counterclockwise

- Can be adapted to many measurement tasks by choosing the required measurement outputs

- Flange connection with centering and pin for positioning.

- Non‐rusting, degree of protection IP67

- Can be configured with different cable lengths

- Lateral force compensation

- Customization possible


  • Functional testing of components and systems (e.g., automotive, aerospace)

  • Monitoring of production and assembly processes (eg aircraft assembly)

  • Robotics

  • Endurance test

  • Tire testing in development and production

  • Structural tests of building elements and building additions (for example, solar systems, roof structures, etc.)

  • Multi-axis laster determination in the experiment as input for FEM analyzes of virtual models

  • Equipment engineering

  • Automotive industry

  • Measuring and control devices

  • Fully automated maching centres

  • Tool engineering 

  • Specical mechanical engineering



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