Industrial Hydraulic Straightpoint Tension Compression Force Sensor
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Industrial Hydraulic Straightpoint Tension Compression Force Sensor

Capacity range 50 kg ~ 2 t
Both tension and compression
High accuracy, water-proof, anti-corrosion
Widely applied in the electronic scale, crane scale and wire rope tension
  • NS-WL5

  • NS

Applications of force sensor

·Scale manufacturers (platform scales, legal-for-trade scales)

·Medicine (weighing hospital patients)

·Building industry (weighing materials, power shovels)

·Agriculture (automatic feeders)

·Public sector (weighing garbage)

·Quality assurance

Introduction of force sensor

Tension Compression force sensor is ideal for use in static and quasi-static weighing tasks; for instance, for the gravimetric level measurement of suspended tanks as well as for conveyor, batching, and hybrid scales. It is available in seven maximum capacities, which range from 50 kg to 2 t, thus covering a very broad range, the product is widely used for various scale, industrial weighing system.

Special features of force sensor

·Both tension and compression force

·Wire rope tension measurement and controlling 

·High precision

·Excellent dustproof

·High accuracy, water-proof, anti-corrosion

Force Sensor electric specification

Power supply: 5~24VDC

Various optional output signal: 2.0mV/V, (if connect with amplifier, 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V etc)

Input resistance: 380±10Ω

Output resistance: 350±3Ω

Insulation resistance: 5000MΩ

Force Sensor construction 

Stainless steel

SpecificationsTechnical data

Rated capacity

0.05         0.1          0.2          0.5          1          2  t
Output sensitivity 1.5±0.002                                            mV/V
Non-linearity≤±0.05                                                  %F.S.
Hystersis≤±0.05                                                  %F.S.
Repeatability≤±0.05                                                  %F.S.
Creep±0.05                                         %F.S./30min
Temperature effect on output ±0.03                                           %F.S./10℃
Temperature effect on zero±0.05                                           %F.S./10℃
Input resistance380±10                                                        Ω
Output resistance350±3                                                          Ω
Zero output<±2                                                        %F.S.
Insulation resistance≥5000MΩ
Operating temperature range -40~+80                                                       ℃
Safe overload150                                                         %F.S
Ultimate overload300                                                         %F.S
Recommended excitation voltage(without amplifier)5~12                                                       Vdc
Maximum excitation voltage(without amplifier)18                                                           Vdc
MaterialStainless steel
IP protectionIP65

Force Sensor dimensions:

wl5 dimension

Force Sensor order guide:

wl5 order guide



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