High Stable Smart Compact Size Liquid Gas Pressure Sensor
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High Stable Smart Compact Size Liquid Gas Pressure Sensor

Pressure range -100kPa~10MPa
5 or 10 VDC excitation, mV ratiometric output
Stainless steel housing, excellent anti corrosion
Stainless steel isolated diaphram
Attached RoHs, CE certification
  • 3
  • NS
  • NS-3-10MPa

Applications of Pressure Sensor

·To measure liquid or gas compatible with 304, 316 stainless steel 

·Wide used in aerospace field

Introduction of Pressure Sensor

NS-3 pressure sensor is very smart pressure sensor with isolated construction and precise high low temperaure compensation, build-in high stable silicon chip, stainless steel 316L housing. 

Design concept base on wheatstone bridge principle, the measured pressure cause resistance bridge value variation, then it converted to ratiometric mV signal.

Special features of Pressure Sensor

·Small and light

·M5×0.5 thread, easy for installation 

·Compact construction 

·Stainless steel isolated diaphram 

·High temperature resistance 2000℃ 

Pressure Sensor dimensions:

Dimension of the High Stable Smart Compact Size Liquid Gas Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor electric specification

Power supply: 5VDC or 10VDC  

Electric connection: silicon rubber wire(4 wires) 

Current consumption:≤10mA

Insulation resistor: 100MΩ, 100VDC

Overpressure: 2 times FS


Pressure Sensor construction 

Housing: stainless steel 316L

Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L

SpecificationsTechnical data

Measuring range

-100kPa      0~100kPa       1Mpa       5.0Mpa       10 MPa     
Power supply 5  VDC or 10  VDC
Measuring medianon-corrosive and non-conductive air and fluid
Operating mode Gauge, Absolute
Output signal mV                                       
Accuracy±0.1%F.S.       ±0.25%F.S.         ±0.5%F.S.
Long term drift≤±0.1                                                         %F.S./year(typ.)
Compensated temperature range-20~+80                                                                         ℃
Operating temperature range-30~+80                                                                         ℃
Storage temperature range (type)-40~+120                                                                       ℃
Fluid temperature range -30~+100                                                                       ℃
Insulation resistance≥100(100VDC)
Vibration proof

5...2000                                                                        Hz

amax=20                                                                        g

MaterialStainless steel 

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