Compact Construction Armor Type Industrial Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensor
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Compact Construction Armor Type Industrial Thermal Resistance Temperature Sensor

Measuring range -200~1200℃
Optional output 4~20mA, resistance output
Industrial thermal resistance (thermocouple)
Excellent EMC and EMI characteristics
Applied in salt spray, temperature and humidity test
Attached RoHs, CE certification
  • T53
  • NS
  • NS-T53-1200℃

Applications of temperature sensor

·Water chilling unit

·Automatic testing system

·Hydraulic and machinery system


Introduction of temperature sensor

Industrial thermal resistance (PT100, PT1000)is taken as a temperature sensor which is normally used with display indicator, recording instrument and electronic regulator. It can directly measure the  temperature of liquid, steam, gas medium and solid surface in production process from -200 ℃ to 1200 ℃. And the explosion-proof construction is suitable for explosion-proof occasions.

Special features of temperature sensor

·Wetted parts apply stainless steel ensure excellent corrosion resitance

·16~36VDC wide operating voltage range

·Standard optional analog output 4~20mA, resistance output

·Strong anti pollution character 

·Fast response time

·Excellent performance in harsh environment

Temperature Sensor electric specification

Power supply: 24VDC(16~36VDC)

Open circuit protection: Upscale>22mA

Output ripple: ≤0.3% of R.O.

Output signal: 4~20mA, resistance output

Response time: ≤300m/Sec


Temperature Sensor construction 

Sensing Probe: stainless steel 

Case: Aluminum

SpecificationsTechnical data

Measuring range

-200~800, -50~400, 0~800, 0~1000, 0~1200℃
Probe length0~2000mm(optional)
Pressure resistance600 Bar
Output signal4~20mA , resistance output (optional)

RTD(PT10): ±0.15% of R.O.

T/C(K,J,E,T): ±0.3% of R.O.

Response time≤300m/Sec
Gain adjustment≤10% of R.O.
Zero point adjustment≤5% of R.O.
Ambient temperature range-10~+60                                                                          ℃
Storage temperature range-10~+70                                                                          ℃
Fluid temperature range -50~+1200                                                                      ℃
Relative humidity20~95%                                                                     %RH
Temperature coefficient≤ 100                                                                     PPM/℃
Compensation-25±10℃,  Deviation≤0.5℃
Protection class to DIN40050IP67
Supply voltage


Open circuit protection Upscale>22mA
Output ripple
0.3 % of R.O.
MaterialCase: Aluminum, Probe: Stainless steel

Temperature Sensor dimensions:

temperature sensor-dimension1

temperature sensor-dimension2

Temperature Sensor order guide:



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