Bourdon Tube Oil Fuel Gas Water Pressure Gauge
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Bourdon Tube Oil Fuel Gas Water Pressure Gauge

Reliable, stable and cost effective
Design compliant with EN 837-1
Nominal size in mm: 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 160
Scale ranges: 0... 40 MPa
  • 600
  • NS
  • NS-600-40MPa

Applications of Pressure gauge

·Gas, liquid pressure measurement

·Industrial process control

·Level measurement

·Gas, liquid pressure measurement

·Pressure checking meter

·Pressure calibrator

·Liquid pressure system and switch

·Cooling equipment and air conditioning system

·Aviation and navigation inspection


Introduction of Pressure Gauge

Pressure gauge shows the pressure through the elastic deformation of the sensitive elements (bourdon tube) in the gauge, and then conversion mechanism in the gauge transfers the elastic deformation to the pointer. Pointer movement shows the pressure value.

Special Features of Pressure Gauge

·Design is compliant with EN 837-1

·Nominal size in mm: 40, 50, 63, 80, 100 and 160 (scale ranges: 0... 40 MPa)

·Stainless steel case with liquid filling

·Robust design

·Vibration and shock resistant

SpecificationsTechnical data


                                          EN 837-1
Nominal size 40        50        63        80        100          160   mm
Accuracy class                                                2.5 
Scale ranges                                             40 MPa                                            
Pressure limitation

Steady: 3/4 x full scale value

Fluctuating: 2/3 x full scale value

Short time: full scale value

Permissible temperature

Ambient: -20~+60℃

Medium:+60℃ maximum 

Temperature effect

When the temperature of the measuring sysyem deviates 

from the reference temperature (+20℃): max.±0.4%/10K 

of the span

Process connection

Copper alloy

lower mount(LM) or centre back mount(CBM)

See data sheet

Pressure elementCopper alloy, C-type or helical type
MovementCopper alloy
DialAluminium, white, black lettering, with pointer stop pin
PointerPlastic, black

Plastic, crystal-clear


Natural finish stainless steel, with blow-out device at

case circumference, 12 o' clock

Scale ranges ≤0...16 bar with compensating valve to vent


Bezel ringCrimp ring, glossy finish stainless steel, triangular bezel
Filling liquidGlycerine

Pressure gauge dimensions:

pressure gauge NS-600 dimensionpressure gauge NS-600 dimension 2

Pressure gauge order guide:

NS-600 order guide


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