Torque Sensor Measurement Principle
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Torque Sensor Measurement Principle

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Torque Sensor Measurement Principle

The most common torque sensor measurement principle uses bonded strain gauge technology, where the strain gauges are bonded to a suitably designed shaft.  Torque transducers with a circular shaft and with strain gauges applied at 45deg is a design that has been around for many years.  However, the design and configuration of the device will be dictated by the application and the shaft may well be solid or hollow and the cross-section might differ with either a cruciform, square or the other custom design, in order to gain the maximum signal output available from the measurement.



When torsion is applied to the shaft causing it to twist, shear stresses are induced.  These are measured by bonding the strain gauges at 45° to the horizontal torque axis.  As the shear stress induced in the shaft is the same throughout its length, the strain gauges can be bonded at any point along its length.  However, it is normal practice to place them in the centre, as far as possible from spurious stress that can be induced at the mechanical interfaces.



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