Technical term for load cell(Part 2)
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Technical term for load cell(Part 2)

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Technical term for load cell(Part 2)


①   Creep Recovery

The change in no--load output occurring with time after removal of A load which had been applied for a specific period of time. Usually measured over a specific time period immediately following removal of rated load and expressed as a percent of rated output over a specific period of time.


②   Deflection

The change of length along the primary axis of the load cell between no--load and rated load conditions.


③   Drift

A random change in output under constant load conditions.


④   Eccentric Load

Any load applied parallel but not concentric with the primary axis.


⑤   Error

The algebraic difference between the indicated and true value of the load being measured.


⑥   Excitation, Electrical

The voltage or current applied to the input terminals of the load Cell.


⑦   Frequency Response

The range of frequencies over which the load cell output will follow the sinusoidally varying mechanical input within specified Limits.


⑧   Hysteresis

The maximum difference between load cell output readings for the same applied load; one reading obtained by increasing the load from zero and the other by decreasing the load from rated output.


⑨   Insulation Resistance

The dc resistance measured between the load cell circuit and the load cell structure. Normally measured at fifty volts and under standard test conditions.


⑩   Load

The weight or force applied to the load cell.



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