Rectilinear Displacement Transducer
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Rectilinear Displacement Transducer

Position transducer, based on our TM sensor's non-contacting inductive measurement technologu.
Provides direct, accurate measurement of travel for display or feedback applications.
The push rod is supported on both ends by metal glide bearing, allowing high lateral forces on the tip of the rod.
The robust and compact housing design make the WY03 a reliable solution for the industrial environment.
A ball coupling enables a back lash and shear force free operation, even with perpendicular or angular misalignment between the transducer axis and the direction of movement.
The integrated signal processor with programmable end-points(Tech-in) function provides an absolute and proportional voltage or current output signal. WY03 uses a non-contacting technology, and is maintenance and wear free.
The transducer provide optimal reproducibility, resolution and linearity.
WY03 sensor can be exchanged without recalibration. Magnetic field do not have any effect on the measurement signal.
  • WY02

  • NS

Special features 

·The transducer has been improved in order guarantee greater reliablility under all conditions

·A sturdier structure makes the WY series even stronger for applications with heavy vibration 

·Installations is made simpler by the absence of electrical signal variation in output, outside the theoretical Electrical stroke

·The new grooves provide an excellent alternative to the usual system of fastening with brackets

·Intergreted signal processing for normallized output signals current or voltage

·Ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and on many other processing machines


·Measuring / Control technology

·Manufacturing Engineering

 Woodwork machines

 Riveting machines

 Packaging machines

 Welding machines

·Assembly / Test device

·Processing machines

·Medical appliances

·Building technology



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