Production Process of load cell
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Production Process of load cell

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Production Process of load cell

Load cell instruments aim to highlight the actual mass of a material. They are produced based on the principles of mass measurement under fluid pressure, elasticity, magnetic effect, piezoelectric and zero environments.

The two basic components of a load cell are the sensing element and circuit. The sensing element is most often a strain gauge, which is composed of coil. Note: a strain gauge is a very small device that measures the strain of an object by converting internal deformation into an electrical signal, precisely measuring weight, force, tension or strain. The sensing element can also be a piezoelectric sensor that utilizes crystals. The circuit is the connection of these gauges or sensors throughout the load cell.

Load cell output types include analog voltage, analog current, analog frequency, switch or alarm, serial and parallel. The most basic designs consist of four gauges, which make up the measuring circuit. More complex and detailed cells can have up to thirty gauges as part of the measuring circuit.


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