Potentiometer displacement sensor
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Potentiometer displacement sensor

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Displacement sensor



Displacement sensor is also known as linear position sensor. The function of displacement sensor is to convert various measured value into electric quantity. In the production process, displacement measurement is generally divided into two types: physical size measurement and mechanical displacement measurement.


Potentiometer displacement sensor


Potentiometer displacement sensor, which converts mechanical displacement into resistance or voltage output by linear or function relationship through potentiometer sensor element. Ordinary linear potentiometer and circular potentiometer can be used as linear displacement sensor and angular displacement sensor respectively. However, the potentiometer designed for measuring displacement requires a definite relationship between displacement change and resistance change. The movable brush or rod of the potentiometer displacement sensor need to be connected to the measured object.


 TM Automation offer customized displacement measuring solution to customer base on customer’s different technical requirement.

There are draw rod, draw wire, magnetostrictive and angular type displacement sensor for customer’s different kind of application.



Please contact sale representative for more in-depth detail for sensor solution.

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