Measure Pressure Digital Gauge Pressure Sensor
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Measure Pressure Digital Gauge Pressure Sensor

Pressure range 0~100MPa
Stainless steel 316L housing, φ19mm
silicon oil filling, stainless steel diaphragm protected
Laser ceramic thick film compensation circuit
High flexibility for customization
Attached RoHs, CE certification
  • TMC14

  • NS

  • NS-TMC14-100MPa

Applications of Pressure Sensor

·Gas, liquid pressure measurement

·Industrial process control

·Level measurement

·Gas, liquid pressure measurement

·Pressure checking meter

·Pressure calibrator

·Liquid pressure system and switch

·Cooling equipment and air conditioning system

·Aviation and navigation inspection


Introduction of Pressure Sensor

TMC14 pressure sensor is piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor with isolated construction and precise high low temperaure compensation, build-in high stable silicon chip, stainless steel 316L housing by diameter Ф19mm. 

Design concept base on wheatstone bridge principle, the measured pressure cause resistance bridge value variation, then it converted to ratio linear electric signal.

Special features of Pressure Sensor

·Wet parts apply all stainless steel welding excellent corrosion resitance

·1.5mA or 5VDC excitation 

·mV ratio output signal

·Full scale output 40mV(min)

·PCB potting is optional

·Wet parts apply all stainless steel welding excellent corrosion resitance

·Silicon oil filling

Pressure Sensor electric specification

Power supply: 1.5mA or 5VDC

Electric connection: Kovar pin, or silicon rubber wire (PCB potting availble)

Input impedance: 2kΩ~4kΩ

Output impedance: 4kΩ~6kΩ

Response (10%~90%):<1ms

Insulation resistor: 100MΩ, 250VDC

Overpressure: 2 times FS


Pressure Sensor construction 

Diaphragm: stainless steel 316L

Housing: stainless steel 316L

O-ring: NBR or customize

SpecificationsTechnical data

Measuring range

 3         5         10         20         40         60     100          MPa
Overload pressure 6        10        20          40         80        90     120          MPa
Operational modeA/S      S          S            S           S          S      S 
Nonlinear(type)±0.1   ±0.1    ±0.15    ±0.20    ±0.25   ±0.4     ±0.4      %F.S.
Bridge resistance3~6                                                                                 KΩ
Zero output(type)±2(Idd=1.5mA)                                                           mV
Full scale output40mV(Min)
Comprehensive accuracy(type)±0.25(type)                                                              %F.S.
Zero temperature drift(type)±0.02                                                                      %F.S./℃
Sensitivity temperature drift(type)±0.02                                                                      %F.S./℃
Long-term drift(type)<0.2(type)                                                      %F.S./Year
Compenstated temperature range (type)-10~+80                                                                           ℃
Operating temperature range (type)-40~+125                                                                         ℃
Storage temperature range (type)-40~+125                                                                         ℃
Fluid temperature range (type)-40~+125                                                                         ℃
Insulation resistance≥100(250VDC)
Vibration proof

20...2000                                                                         Hz

amax=10                                                                          g

Shock proof

100                                                                                   g

11                                                                                   ms

Response time≤1(10~90%F.S.)                                                        ms
MaterialStainless steel 316L

Pressure Sensor dimensions:

Pressure Sensor tmc14 dimensions

Pressure Sensor order guide:

tmc14 order guide