High Resolution Miniature Lvdt Displacement Sensor
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High Resolution Miniature Lvdt Displacement Sensor

With self-reset function
Shorter stroke length 25~150 mm
Aluminium alloy housing, strong and durable structure
Ideal for applications on high accuracy position measurement, processing control
  • WY11

  • NS

  • NS-WY11-150 mm

Applications of Displacement Sensor

·Plastic injection presses 

·Vertical presses

·Automatic testing system

·Processing machines

Introduction of Displacement Sensor

The displacement sensor bases on the principle of resistance linear variation due to positon variation.

TM displacement sensor use build-in imported high quality material, make sure sensing rod move smoothly and high resolution with self-reset function, aluminium alloy housing, strong and durable structure ensure a long service life. It's ideal for applications on plastic injection presses, vertical presses, and on many other processing machines

Special features of Displacement Sensor

·With self-reset function

·Aluminium alloy housing, strong and durable structure 

·Build-in imported high quality material

·Rod move smoothly and high resolution

Displacement Sensor electric specification

Power supply: 24VDC(16~32VDC)

Various optional output signal: 4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V etc

Insulation resistance: 10MΩ(500VDC)

Displacement Sensor construction 

Aluminium alloy

SpecificationsTechnical data

Stroke length

25         50          75         100          150     mm
Electrical trip27         52          77         102          152     mm
Accuracy±0.2     ±0.15      ±0.1     ±0.075    ±0.075  %F.S.
Operating voltage24(16~32)  VDC
Output signal4~20mA, 0~5V, 0~10V, 0~±5V, 0~±10V
Resolving powerTheoretical infinite
Overvoltage protection<36(permanent)
Insulation resistance ≥10 MΩ(50VDC)
Insulation strength≤100μA(500VAC, 50Hz)
Mechanical parameters
Housing length
63        94.4        134.4      166        188   ±1.0  mm
Rod length
30         55           80          105        155   ±1.0  mm
Size C12mm
Size D12mm
Work force(horizontal direction)≤2.5 N
Working reentry force(horizontal direction)≤5.0 N
Max torque of screw140 Ncm
Environment conditions
Operating temp range
-40~+85℃(humidity: 0... 95%R.H No condensation)
Vibration proof20g(5...2000Hz)
Shock proof50(11ms)
EMC standardEN 61000-4-2 electrostatic discharge(ESD)4kV
IP classIP 40 (DIN EN 60529)

Displacement Sensor dimensions:

wy11 dimension 1wy11 dimension 2

Displacement Sensor order guide:

wy11 order guide